DJ Tony Neal Cheddar Man Cave S01 E12

The Original Hip Hop Paparazzi, Albie “Cheddar” Montgomery kicks back in the Cheddar Man Cave with the record breaking Tony Neil for some grown-up industry talk from breaking records to models. T. Neal knows his craft and always willing to take chance, DJ’s were laughing at him for supporting Cardi B. The Core DJ founder who got his industry stripes from Uncle Luke, after hearing Tony Neal spinning in a club in Milwaukee. Today Diddy is calling his phone to break Bad Boy music, Def Jam hollaring, even Akon is using his ears. Cheddar flash back with Teddy Riley and Guy reminds T. Neal about how he helped get the group Guy back together. While Cheddar drops some never released footage of Guy from Core DJs retreat. Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall get straight to the point of the reason why groups break up from Dipset to Roc-A-Fella Records “It’s the Money!” Don”t forget the Cheddar Man Cave questions, do Dj’s pay for sex? If you in the industry this is a must watch follow us on Instagram @CheddarManCave or reach us by email