Superbowl (Must Watch) CheVy – Running Back (Prod. By Jenreles & CheVy)

GROUP PROJECT 8/8/18 Running money like a Running Back is that. Whatever you do with your life, give it 100 %. One of the lines in the song says, “Running money like a Running Back”. Meaning, running like there’s no tomorrow, because dreams will never come true, when you put it off until tomorrow. Running money like a Running Back, is like moving forward in life and never looking back. Pitch: You have haters, doubters, and spectators, that you have to stiff-arm and spin move. The running back runs over the haters, doubters and spectators. That would be the definition of “Running money like a Running Back”. There is no looking back and failure is not an option There is no reward for 50% to 60% of your work Whatever you’re trying to accomplish make sure you’re, “Running money like a Running Back”.… CheVy: Tornado:… Elena Katherina:… Konah_J: Jenreles: