Sony Music Competition Showcase Tour

Atlanta Music Contest summer 2017

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James TNT Entertainment Presents

Sony Music Competition Showcase Tour

The Official Welcome To Atlanta Experience

Swagg Saturdays

July 1st Vision Studios3875 Green Industrial Way Atlanta GA

Hosted by Kim Gee Dick James & Rapco Radio and Crunk Atlanta Magazine and Super Producer Hellz Yeah

The 1 Real “DJ Handcuffz” On The 1s and 2s

Where the Winner Receives 1yr Distributions Deal Through Sony/Dick James Latrese Management (all major stores online)

Free Promo Performance Tour Dates (travel/Lodge not included)
Magazine feature (Crunk Atlanta)
Radio Interview
Radio Spin Support 30 Days
Artist Promo Flyer Per Event
Free Videos C/O Rapco Media
Youtube Video Performance Links

Aamazon MP3
Google Play
Apple music

$50 Perform 1 song
$100 Perform 2 songs
$100 Perform bands
$50 Vendor

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Call Kim Gee 404.914.1063
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Atlanta Music Contest summer 2017